[thelist] recommend a CMS system?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed May 28 09:04:10 CDT 2008

I have a couple sites running pre-1.5 joomla and a new one that is 
almost there with 1.5 Joomla/Virtuemart.  I dabbled with Drupal but 
haven't had time to really dig in.  With joomla (someone else to talk to 
drupal) you can add multitudes of extensions.  I use WebCalendar (not an 
extension) but run it in its own window because of real estate issues.  
If you know php/myql then you can easily write queries to pull out 
calendar entries and plant them in a column on a joomla site.  
Installing the jumi plug-in will give you the ability to run your own 
scripts as well.  Community builder is another nice extension.

The caution with Jooma and perhaps some of the other CMS's is that there 
is quite some get-acquainted time and although the tutorials are useful 
if you want to really be the good guy you will need to create some 
really dummied-up tutorials for your administrator user community.  The 
other note is that with the joomla template system comes overhead and 
you may find the need to clear out or rearrange unnecessary baggage to 
improve download speed.

With Joomla, Drupal and many others there are lots of free templates out 
there to download and adapt.

Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> Dear all
> Recently we are working on a non-profit project that needs an
> information system for internal and external communication. I am looking
> for an opensource CMS system for this because we surely will add a lot
> of customization to it.
> Requirements are:
> publish news
>     better allow comments and RSS feed
> knowledge base
>     HTML-based, better with comment, rating and must be full-text
>     searchable, flexible permission so we can define users who can
>     submit questions or new article idea (or stub, using wikipedia term)
>     and who can modify, categorize and publish them.
> forum integration
>     including the possibility to put the hottest topics on the web for
>     users to access;
> prefer PHP over other programming languages
>     we are somewhat professional at PHP.
> high quality of program logic / presentation separation
>     after it's done a HTML/CSS knowledgeable person will maintain it and
>     we try avoid her to have to modify javascript/php code in order to
>     achieve different look. Having good logic / presentation separation
>     also means it is easier themeable.
> ldap integration
>     would be fine to have. As we probably integrate new services on it.
> Public calendar feature
>     for events.
> I am looking through directories of existing CMS for evaluation and very
> much appreciate help from you if you are already experienced with some
> of such products.
> Thanks a lot!

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