[thelist] Save Page As...

Jason Handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Thu May 29 13:27:38 CDT 2008

Hi Bill,

> We have a few users that like to save the output from a page 
> and then email it.  We are not allowed to actually facilitate 
> the process of emailing in this case, so only concerned with 
> saving the page to disk.
> My preference, in general, is to let the user's browser take 
> care of saving pages in a form usable for viewing locally.  
> Although, I don't think Firefox does a good job of saving 
> background images, IIRC.
> But, it's looking like we may need a "download this page" 
> link to provide a similar, but with fewer features from the 
> on-line version.
> My question is what format to use for the "download" version?
> I know IE allows saving in "MHTML" format (an 
> multipart/related MIME formatted file).  But, I'm not sure 
> how portable that file will be.
> Obviously, I need to include images, so if they are not 
> somehow included in the "download" then they need to be 
> linked to the server to fetch them remotely.  (Means I need 
> to be careful about relative links to background images.)
> So, if I need to have links back to the server for the 
> images, is there any reason not to do the same with the css 
> instead of in-lining the css?
> Will the javascript need in-lining regardless?

If you're looking to give them a snapshot of the page, without worrying
about any JS, image links, navigation etc. that the original might have
had, you could turn it into a PDF using something like ABCpdf? (
http://www.websupergoo.com/ )

Code examples for how to turn an HTML page into a PDF document with
ABCpdf here:


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