[thelist] Looking for someone to customize a PHP script

Meredith Tupper meredith at pintsize.com
Sat Jun 14 10:42:39 CDT 2008

Hello all,

I have a client who needs a customized survey/contact form PHP 
script which will do the following:
1) Present the user with 5 or 10 questions
2) Evaluate the answers to the questions (could be done with 
javascript, maybe?)
3) Redirect the user based on the results (score of 1-5 redirects to 
one page, score of 6-10 redirects to another)
4) Send the form data to my client
5) Write the form data to a text file on the server

It's on a MS IIS server, not *nix.

If you are interested and available to do this quickly, please reply 
offlist with your estimated cost.

Thank you,

PintSize Graphics & Web Hosting, Inc.
meredith at pintsize.com

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