[thelist] sending and receiving email on Outlook from Africa

Jason Handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Tue Jun 17 06:14:07 CDT 2008

Hi Nan,

> I have a client (in the US) who uses Verio as his webhost. He 
> frequently travels to Africa on business, and when he is 
> there, he can receive email on his computer but he can't send it.
> I have no idea why this would happen. I am probably going to 
> have to call Verio to speak to them about it, but I thought I 
> would ask the list first.
> Does anyone have experience with this? Would it help to move 
> his site to a better webhost or is it not the webhost?

If the issue is him sending email using Outlook while away, the problem
is probably not with his webhost.

More likely, he has Outlook set up to use his Internet Service
Provider's outgoing mail server. This will work fine when he's at home
(using his ISP's connection) but will probably not work when he's
connecting from elsewhere, as the ISP's outgoing mail server will not
recognise his IP address as one of theirs and will refuse him

The solution? Well, one solution would be to use his ISP's webmail
service while he's away, if they have one. The ISP may also allow the
option of password authentication for connecting to their outgoing mail
server. I would suggest he or you start by talking to his ISP to see
whether they can suggest something.


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