[thelist] shopping carts

Ron ronr at linuxdude.com
Tue Jun 17 15:22:35 CDT 2008

Since quite a few here deal with shopping carts, I'm just throwing this 
out for comments.

Just spent an hour looking for a place to buy a computer adapter that 
had Paypal or Google checkout. Trusting my cc info to every tom, dick or 
harry seems crazy to me. Do people still do this?

I mean even if you're willing to trust someone, you still have to fill 
out everything from scratch which opens up the possibility of a typo. 
Most of the stuff I order is for our business, so if I need it, I need 
it, and a typo could delay it a week or worse. I also don't want to give 
out any other info because I don't want to be spamed to death.

Why hasn't everyone gone to Paypal of Google for their checkout? Is 
there any advantage to having your own shopping cart that outweighs the 
convenience and security of PP or G? I know they get fees but 
maintaining a shopping cart can't be that cheap, not to mention the loss 
of business from people like me.


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