[thelist] shopping carts

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Tue Jun 17 16:01:23 CDT 2008

Ron wrote:
> Why hasn't everyone gone to Paypal of Google for their checkout? 
When you get into enterprise carts on top end systems (ie, NOT 
oscommerce) there's many more issues involved.

Bob & Joe's parts can easily run a store with a simple website.
Enterprise systems generally have a website that is hooked into their 
old systems for phone orders, mail orders, and wharehousing.  So, 
basically the website was the latest edition to get added to the system.

All credit card orders need to be authed, packed/shipped, THEN charged 
to the card, and then finally setteled in the system.
with paypal, it doesn't follow this.  They charge right away, and then 
there's nothing to settle the order against.  It's basically marked as 
complete from the time of order due to the immediate charge.

At my shop, we won't even touch it.  We send all our clients who want 
paypal to a 3rd party who specializes in paypal, bill me later, and 
google checkout.
They end up storing and running routines which then run tasks to settle 
orders, and create fake credit card types like 'PP' and 'GC' to go along 
with 'VI' and 'MA' so the back end system doesn't reject the order as 
invalid credit card.

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