[thelist] FireFox 3

Megan Holbrook meganwh at wi.rr.com
Wed Jun 18 12:12:53 CDT 2008

Joel D Canfield wrote:
> Just installed it. Instantly regretted it.
> Virtually none of the addons/plugins work (not unusual, just
> irritating.) 

Just a note that you may find that over the next 24 hours, you get 
messages for more of your plugins being available. I had initially 
noticed the same issue, but each time Firefox restarts, it wants to 
update additional plugins and finds the updates just fine. Maybe the 
servers were so overloaded that it couldn't do this yesterday...?

My pet peeve about Firefox 3? The ability to pull down the list of pages 
to go back to is now physically separated from the Back button. Not sure 
why this change was made, but it's very, very irritating...

:/ M.
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