[thelist] Windows Server Partitioning

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 13:09:35 CDT 2008

One of my clients hired a host who setup for us a dedicated Windows
Server 2003 Standard Edition machine. The machine has one hard disk
with 1 terabyte of space. They set it up as one partition. I am not a
Windows server admin, but I think that's ridiculous. It is certainly
not recommended practice for a Linux box (server or workstation) nor
does it appear to be best practice for a Windows server.

The question is, is this enough of an issue that I should request the
host to repartition? The planned use of this machine is as a web
server, allowing both the web app and also remote native Windows
applications to upload images to be printed. Web app will upload via
PHP/Apache and the native remote apps will be using FTP. I would have
thought to setup:

1. One partition for Windows and apps
2. One partition for page file
3. At least one partition for data, perhaps one for files (uploads)
and one for MySQL data.

Anyhow, we have not yet made the machine live, so I can still ask them
to fix it now. I hesitate because there are politics involved, so I
don't want to ask the host to fix it unless it's STRONGLY recommended.


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