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Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
Thu Jul 3 11:37:57 CDT 2008

Thanks Chris - I will check it out!


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> I looked for some scripts to use but didn't have much luck.  
Try searching for a script by Lewis Moten.  It's a pure ASP upload method
that I've used on several client sites.  Header info from the script reads: 

'	Author:		Lewis Moten
'	Email:		Lewis at Moten.com
'	URL:		http://www.lewismoten.com
'	Date:		March 19, 2002

And I probably found it listed somewhere on pscode.com or aspin.com.

WebAssist also publish a pure ASP upload plugin for Dreamweaver so you
wouldn't need a component installed on the server and you could then use it
on multiple sites if required as I'm sure it's a developer license rather
than a server license.

> I would also like to validate so that only certain files are uploaded, and
only certain sizes.
You can write your own validation using Lewis's script as it gives access to
the file extension although this means uploading it in full first.  Other
option is to do a javascript check on what's submitted in the form upload
field first.  

I've not come across a method for determining file size prior to upload
using classic ASP - this may be a security related issue as I guess it would
require the browser to access your filesystem.  Google will probably help
you clarify this though.

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> I'm working on an existing classic ASP site, and the owner has asked 
> to add to their contact form a way for the user to attach a file, like 
> a resume.  I have seen and used this before on other sites.

> If anyone can point me in the right direction, has any advice to 
> offer, or anything to share, I would be extremely grateful.


You will save yourself a world of headache if you use third party tools for
uploading the file and sending the email.  I'd suggest you look at Persits
AspUpload and ASPEmail.

Found here:


You pay for these components once (if you want premium features), but it'll
save you oodles of time and headache.

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