[thelist] css horizontal menu spacing problems

Gersten, John JGERSTEN at lchb.com
Thu Jul 3 16:44:59 CDT 2008

I have an extremely simple, small site with css-generated horizontal menus that I cannot get to display properly in IE6 and Firefox 2. (I can't load IE7 or Firefox 3 here at work to test either, but I assume the problem is consistent in those versions as well).

The page is http://www.gasolinepricefixinglawsuit.com/index.htm

In IE6, the top and bottom navigation menus align to the left side of the #main div. In Firefox, there is an extra left-side margin of about 40 pixels that I cannot remove (in part because I cannot figure out where it is coming from) which forces the menu to wrap vertically. What I am *trying* to set up is a css-based horizontal menu that will actually center itself above the rest of the #main div, and that's not working in IE6 either.

I know my css is screwed-up but I cannot figure out where the problem(s) lie.

I have been trying to fix this all day and am driving myself into the ground with frustration. Any help/guidance anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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