[thelist] browser redirect script for Safari 2 and 1

Jawad Anwar janwar73 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 7 17:58:23 CDT 2008

I dont know about Safari v1 but this is how I used for safari 2.0.

var detect = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
var version= navigator.appVersion.toLowerCase();
var mac= (navigator.platform.indexOf("Win32") < 0) ? 1 : 0;
var safari_2_x=(mac && detect.indexOf("safari") >=0 && detect.indexOf("412") >= 0) ? 1 : 0;   //used to detect safari version 2

Hope it helps.

 Jawad Anwar
Canton, Michigan

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> Subject: [thelist] browser redirect script for Safari 2 and 1
> I have a site with SVG in the home page, unfortunately it does not  
> work in Safari 2 and earlier. I have a redirect script for Safari that  
> works but it does not include the version number. Since my page 
> http://systemarchitects.net/ 
>   works well in version 3, I only want the redirect script to work on  
> Versions 1 and 2.
> Can you help me with a script that only redirects versions 1 and 2?
> kbs
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