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Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
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I use Vanilla, http://getvanilla.com/ which is free, and has pretty good
support in the website area called community, http://lussumo.com/community/,
which itself is using Vanilla, of course. There are some add-ons, some
didn't work very well because Vanilla was being upgraded to a new version,
and some of the add-ons had not been upgraded. That is probably sorted out
by now. It's very robust, as you can see from the community forum.
I had one problem with it, so I posted a question to the community and got a
prompt response.


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I'm planning to make another forum for my website. I used to work with phpbb
2 but it has alot of bug and then i changed it to vbulletin. 

Today we have alot of forum engine like smf, invision (commercial), vbull
(commercial), phpbb. 
which one is considered as the most stable one (for free forum) or have good
support (for commercial one)?

thanks in advance


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