[thelist] Migrating php scripts from redhat 7.2 to fedora

Joost van Velzen joost at nr6.nl
Mon Jul 14 09:33:21 CDT 2008

Hi Maganizo,

If you make sure that the php.ini file is the same and that the PHP 
version is the same there shouldn't be much problems.

Maybe you use old variable style, something like this:

you post a form with an input with the name="email", on the recieving 
page you ask for
instead of

where $email doesn't excist.

Maybe I am thinking way to easy for your problem. If that is the case: 
sorry :-)



Maganizo Monawe wrote:
> Is there an easier to migrate a php system from redhat 7.2 to fedora.
> I have a system which was done in php on redhat 7.2 and I get so may
> undeclared variable errors if I try to run in on fedora.
> thanks

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