[thelist] GoDaddy SSL Verification

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 04:06:37 CDT 2008

I installed a new GoDaddy SSL on a certain site and when I browse to
it using Firefox I get a warning that it can't verify the site. I
wrote my host and they said:

It seems FireFox is having problems validating the certificate - it
reports "Could not verify this certificate for unknown reasons".
Internet Explorer reports:

"This certificate is OK."

when the certificate properties are viewed in it. Apparently FireFox
validates a certificate in a different manner than Internet Explorer.

Please contact GoDaddy with this issue to have them investigate the
problems with FireFox and their certificate.

I called GoDaddy and the techie (yeah, right) there said that he sees
no problem when he browses to it with Firefox. He and I were both
using FF 2 as well. He tried connecting to the internet via an
'outside line' then so that he wasn't on the GoDaddy network and he
said there is still no problem so he said it must be "some kind of
browser problem." FF3 on Vista actually does NOT report this problem
for me, nor IE7 on Vista. But for me both FF2 and IE6 on Win 2K do
show a problem.

Any ideas how I can fix this? Or did I make a mistake buying from GoDaddy? :(


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