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Leona Thorpe leona.thorpe at devon.gov.uk
Tue Jul 15 04:13:17 CDT 2008

>> I'm working with a young man who will be 18 in January. He is on the 
>> autistic spectrum, which means he has issues with his social skills. 
>> He's reasonably intelligent but has missed quite a lot of school due 
>> to bullying etc. He's completed a year on a college carpentering 
>> course, as it was something he could do and his dad works for ROK and

>> had doors into less skilled work for him, but he can't really cope 
>> with the social interaction that this work would require.
>> He is obsessed with gaming, and is really keen to get into testing 
>> games. I know this is a niche job (and probably extremely 
>> oversubscribed) but he would be really good at it...and I need to
>> some way in for him that isn't testing games just prior to release
>> getting them for free in return for feedback).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Leona Thorpe 
Social Worker - Transitions
(01392) 383763
Exeter Joint Agency for Children with Special Needs

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