[thelist] GoDaddy SSL Verification

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Jul 15 19:47:40 CDT 2008

You probably have a certificate chaining issue. FF2 maintains its own trusted root and intermediate cert store (from what I recall).

Did you install all the intermediate CA certs onto your webserver?


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> I installed a new GoDaddy SSL on a certain site and when I browse to
> it using Firefox I get a warning that it can't verify the site. I
> wrote my host and they said:
> ===
> It seems FireFox is having problems validating the certificate - it
> reports "Could not verify this certificate for unknown reasons".
> Internet Explorer reports:
> "This certificate is OK."
> when the certificate properties are viewed in it. Apparently FireFox
> validates a certificate in a different manner than Internet Explorer.
> Please contact GoDaddy with this issue to have them investigate the
> problems with FireFox and their certificate.
> ===
> I called GoDaddy and the techie (yeah, right) there said that he sees
> no problem when he browses to it with Firefox. He and I were both
> using FF 2 as well. He tried connecting to the internet via an
> 'outside line' then so that he wasn't on the GoDaddy network and he
> said there is still no problem so he said it must be "some kind of
> browser problem." FF3 on Vista actually does NOT report this problem
> for me, nor IE7 on Vista. But for me both FF2 and IE6 on Win 2K do
> show a problem.
> Any ideas how I can fix this? Or did I make a mistake buying from GoDaddy? :(
> Thanks.
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