[thelist] GoDaddy SSL Verification

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Jul 16 05:44:49 CDT 2008

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> >      + YourWebSiteCommonName (obfuscated to protect the guilty)
> lol
> > I checked in FF2, and the root CA is a trusted root CA. However the
> intermediate/subordinate CA doesn't appear to be there.
> >
> > Depending on your webserver software, follow the appropriate link here:
> > https://certs.godaddy.com/InstallationInstructions_alt.go
> My hosting support team said:
> <quote>
> Indeed the intermediate GoDaddy certificate was not installed. It was
> not provided when you've requested the installation of the SSL
> certificate. We managed to find the intermediate certificate and
> updated the SSL installation for your domain.
> </quote>
> Can you verify this for me?

You can't install FF2 in a VM somewhere and test this yourself? Sorry, but this is starting to take the p*ss

FWIW, FF2 not reporting any more problems, so I think the problem is solved.


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