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Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Thu Jul 17 08:05:20 CDT 2008

Maybe if they have something worth telling to the world that changes on a
regular basis then perhaps an RSS feed is what they need so interested
clients can subscribe


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Hi Nan,

Maybe you can sell your client profile based XML feeds.

- consultant a creates an account
- specifies which kind of consulting he/she is available for
- give him/her a xml url (e.g.: 
site.com/xml.php?id=ecde697067dd080b187996a22550f6f3) which will have 
the most recent jobs that can be interesting for him/her

I think this would be much more usefull than to just ad a "put as 
default homepage" button. And hopefully your client thinks so too. Takes 
more time than such a button, so will generate more income for you.



Nan Harbison wrote:
> Thank you, thank you, thank you!
> I love the sense of humor Evolters have. I laughed out loud.
> :-)
> The site is like a hotjobs for consultants, subscription based, so
> consultants can post themselves as available for consulting jobs and
> companies can post projects they need done. We just went live a few months
> ago, and are getting a decent sign up rate considering how much has been
> spent on advertising. We need more companies to join though. But anyway, I
> can't think of one reason anyone would have it set as their home page....
> Thanks again.
> Nan
>> give me some
>> reasons why I should tell my client this is a bad idea.
> that depends entirely on the site's content. answer the question why a
> visitor would want to see their site multiple times a day. if the the
> is "they wouldn't" then suggest that they don't waste their money paying
> to make it happen.
> of course, if the website is WinFreeMoney.com or GenuinelyHonestNews.com,
> well, maybe folks would indeed want it to be their home page. (we just
> entered the realm of my own personal cluelessness if that's what really
> happens)
> joel
> Reason: 1997 is over.
> Reason: Every browser does this differently and you need to change it
> time there is a new one (check the "Make Y! your home page" link at
> http://www.yahoo.com/)
> Reason: Users do not like to be told what to do. Especially inexperienced
> internet users are very happy to start with a web page that offers them a
> lot of choices of things they are looking for - this is why Yahoo, MSN and
> Apple still have start pages and every ISP offers them.
> Reason: Without scripting, nothing happens
> Reason: This is one link that clutters the interface even more - the more
> links you have on a page the less worthy of indexing the page appears for
> google
> Reason: because you tell them so, they pay you as the expert to build
> web site
> If you need proof, google for set as homepage script - every link will say
> you need IE5+ to support this functionality and that is a sign that there
> something very outdated going on.
> Christian

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