[thelist] IIS Web Stats

Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
Fri Jul 18 12:57:09 CDT 2008

Hi Everyone -

Looking for a web stats package to offer my customers that is good, yet
reasonable.  I am looking at SmarterStats, which I have evaluated and really
like.  However, you can only buy a 50 seat license, then it jumps up to 250.
I'm not quite to 50, and a long ways to 250.  So I see myself outgrowing the
lowest package sooner rather than later, but not sure how soon I would be to
the next level.  

I was looking at AWStats, and wondered if anyone was successfully running it
on Windows (it will be Server 2003), and if so, how it's working for you.
I've also looked at the Pro version of Weblog Expert, but find the "lite"
version a bit clunky.  I'm in the process of downloading the pro version

If anyone else has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it!



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