[thelist] divs vs table

Joel D Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Wed Jul 23 09:45:19 CDT 2008

> For a long time now I have been using divs for layout on 
> websites. However,
> I am doing a page using liquid design where there are several 
> rows of two
> photos/images in the content area, and I cannot get the divs 
> to behave in
> all cases. When I look at the page in my small laptop, there 
> is only one
> photo per row because there isn't enough real estate for 
> both. If I make the
> divs small enough to always fit two wide, it doesn't look 
> good on a large
> screen. Besides that, IE 6 is displaying the divs strangely, 
> not in the
> correct order.

While it would indeed help to see what you're doing, it might help you
to see one working solution in action.


They each float left until they hit the edge; more columns on my huge
monitor, fewer on the little baby test machine.


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