[thelist] publishing pics of vehicles - permission/protocol

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Thu Jul 24 16:05:22 CDT 2008

TJ wrote:
> I have been wanting to post videos of aggressive drivers and their cars,
> plates, the road they were spotting on committing the act and the time/day
> so other people can be aware of these people who are tailgating, weaving in
> and out, using shoulders to get ahead a whole TWO cars and then cutting off
> unsuspecting people so they can get back in line..  You know, those drivers
> out there who think they're time is more important than everyone else's.   I
> dont see what harm a video would do because its actual, its happening,
> you've caught it and it should be documented.  For my idea, I think pictures
> would be questionable because the idiot driver will undoubtedly lie and say
> that they werent doing anything wrong.

If I were Mayor of San Francisco, I'd set up a bounty program where 
jobless people could submit photos and get a cut of the action.... ;-)

There's a few of them out there already:

Flickr and YouTube have a lot of captures too, but some of these do have 
license plates obscured:


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