[thelist] OS X Apache hosts, VirtualHost...I'm banging my head!

Adrian Simmons adrinux at perlucida.com
Mon Jul 28 03:57:56 CDT 2008

John Corry wrote:
> When I request http://pma.localhost.com in the browser, I get a 403 
> Forbidden error page...or now a 404 file not found.
> What am I missing?
Seems like your vhost is working fine, and it is down to permissions. 
Reading the error message is a good plan :)

By default the user Apache is running under won't be able to access a folder 
in your own home folder - with the exception of /Users/jcorry/Sites which 
Apple set up for web sharing.

You easiest (and probably most secure) path is simply to move your files to 
/Users/jcorry/Sites/ or /Library/WebServer and adjust the vhost accordingly.

Other than that you'll have to fiddle with permissions on your home folder 
to allow Apache access, or mess with groups etc, which I really wouldn't advise.

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