[thelist] authorize.net transaction ID value

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Jul 30 16:36:34 CDT 2008

Anthony Baratta wrote:
> Bob...
> That's going to be a DB issue. Check the Database and see what column type stores that info for you. If it's a numeric/integer type make sure it's large enough to support numbers bigger than 2 billion. That field might be a varchar and then you just have to support more than 10 characters.
> e.g. with mySQL you'd want to move to BitInt:
> Type      Minimum Value                    Maximum Value
> INT        -2147483648                     2147483647
> BIGINT  -9223372036854775808    9223372036854775807
> Hope that helps.
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> Anthony Baratta
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> Subject: [thelist] authorize.net transaction ID value
> I received an automated message a little bit ago from authorize.net 
> informing me/us that whatever eCommerce solution in use must be able to 
> accept transaction ID (x_trans_id) values greater than 2,147,483,647. 
> Are any of you familiar with how to check this, and/or any eCommerce 
> programs that are likely to have problems with this now?  -Bob
> ==>>  Responding to both Ben and Anthony -->>
That helps.  Rereading their message, there was nothing to indicate that 
this was the value of a field in MySQL.  The eCommerce solutions I am 
currently using are both in MySQL (zen-cart and virtuemart). So long as 
I know what to look for I can easily access/check the db fields.  It 
would be nice had they noted the table, but that probably varies too much.

Your advice helps a lot.


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