[thelist] MVC, Frameworks, and the big picture

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sat Aug 2 04:35:48 CDT 2008

On 2 Aug 2008, at 04:51, Dave Land wrote:

> I've been doing a bit of this too, lately, in the Java/JSP realm. One
> thing I've noticed is that practically all "MVC-clean" frameworks are
> "controller-first": the request centers on a particular "action" that
> the user wants to perform, such as making a blog post, reporting a
> post as offensive, sending a private message and so forth.

In other words, it's based on use cases. Which is pretty much a  
standard way of defining functional requirements.

> I've come across the Lift framework (http://liftweb.net/) lately,
> which describes itself as "View-first". It seems to match the way our
> developers think: "I'm displaying a page of forums, but I want to show
> a list of recent blog entries, too."

IOW, there are two use cases in play, and to produce the overall view,  
you'll have two subviews, each with a controller, each pulling data  
out of the model.

When your developers have wireframes, they need to decompose them into  
their constituent logical parts.


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