[thelist] form not getting submitted to email, only sporadically

Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
Mon Aug 4 16:21:25 CDT 2008

Hi All,
So this is a weird thing. I created a bunch of forms for a website, that
just get emailed to the company here is one:
I am using PHPMailer class to send the email. It worked perfectly when I
created it, and when I go and fill out this form NOW to test it now, it
still works.
But people call this company and tell them they submitted the form, and it
never gets to the company. Then my contact at this company filled it out
herself and she didn't get it. I made the form as user friendly as possible,
no fields are required. The company thought they could just contact the
person if they didn't get all the info they needed.
Can someone think of why this isn't working all the time? Could it be that
people are not clicking on the submit button??
 I can't find anything wrong with it. The email address for the company is
correct, because they got my submission, and one other one today. 
Are there some gremlins lurking in this?
Not sure if I should post code?

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