[thelist] Untrusted Domain

Yasser Chaudhri ychaudhri at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 4 16:34:45 CDT 2008

Hi Everyone:
I have two domains that have trust relationship between them; therefore, both are available for me to logon to when logging into a computer.  I have a third domain, which is an un-trusted domain; therefore, does not show up on the available list of domains to logon to.  I understand that I can edit registery and manually add the untrusted domain but it serves no real purpose as the list of domains get reset every time I connect to either of the trusted domains.
Questions: Is there a way to permanently modify the domain list or add my untrusted domain to the available domain list on my computer (at least) so that my untrusted domain is available to logon to in the domain list?  I am using Windows XP Pro for client with MS Active Directory for domain servers.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Yasser Chaudhri 

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