[thelist] Wordpress, IIS and writable folders?

Svend Tofte svend at svendtofte.com
Tue Aug 5 19:14:05 CDT 2008

2008/8/5 Tris <beertastic at gmail.com>:
> Hi all..
> I've been asked to upgrade wordpress.
> All good, I'm using the auto updgrade plugin.
> However, at step one, it's telling me I need to make the DIR writable,
> and I'm not an IIS whiz at all. (Apache rules!)
> I've done what I think I have to do, but dones anyhave a fool proof
> tutorial for making All folders, or specific folders in a URL or DIR,
> writiable under IIS 6?
> Tris...

Well, files in Windows have first of the "normal" properties, but they
also have more complex ACLs (access control lists), this is a list of
users who may access the file/folder, and also how they may access it
(write, read only, etc).

Assuming a recent Windows (I believe IIS 6 is shipped with Windows
2003), first, ensure that "simple file sharing" isn't enabled. You do
this under "Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Scroll to bottom" in
any explorer window.

Navigate to the folder that needs to be writable. Right click it, and
select the Security tab.

Then, assuming that the website runs requests through the anonymous
user account (it's called IUSR_computername, where "computername" is
the name of the ... computer), you need to add this user to the
folder. Press "Add..." and write the name of the user account,
"IUSR_compname", press "Check name" to verify that Windows knows what
user you're talking about. Then press "OK" to add the user. Now the
user may already appear on the list, that would be normal (I think)
assumign this folder you want to be writable resides under in the
wwwroot folder.

Then, check the "Write -> Allow" box under "Permissions for user" and
press "Apply". If "Write" isn't enough, you can try combinations of
Modify, List contents, and so on. Be careful here though, if this is
on a web server facing the general internet, messing with these things
could be dangerous.

At least, this is how it should work more or less for a stock install :)


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