[thelist] writing out a multidimensional array as a TOC

Joel D Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Tue Aug 5 20:27:00 CDT 2008

my brain is melting; I should know how to do this but it just won't come
to the surface

I have aryTOC as rs.GetRows

the data looks much like
[secID]    [secDesc]  [chapID]  [chapDesc]
   1     Section1Desc    1    Chapter1Desc
   1     Section1Desc    2    Chapter2Desc
   2     Section2Desc    3    Chapter3Desc


multiple sections, multiple chapters within each section

I want to write

    . . . 
    All the chapters in Section1
    allt he chapters in Section2


I've done this whole writing out nested arrays before and I just can't
find any of my own examples or anything online that'll jumpstart my
head, which fell off recently and wasn't reattached properly.

thanks ever so much for any magical happiness you can share


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