[thelist] DreamWeaver content locking

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Fri Aug 8 17:53:23 CDT 2008

Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> Someone just replied offlist with this link:
> <http://livedocs.adobe.com/en_US/Dreamweaver/9.0/help.html?content=WScbb6b82af5544594822510a94ae8d65-7a94.html>
> :: which, in case anyone else needs it,  turned up:
> <!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="..." -->
> <!-- TemplateEndEditable -->
> :: which is all I need at this point. I think :-)

Trivia point: That "locked regions" comment from Dreamweaver/Contribute 
was subsequently respected by Adobe GoLive, and more recently by 
Microsoft Expression Web.

It and its variants can be written by text editor just as well. This 
give you a template with editable or locked regions in any of the four 
authoring tools.


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