[thelist] Simple database app

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 08:14:42 CDT 2008

> The price list lets you select a make of car and then displays a list of
> models and prices.
> I want the client to be able to add models and change prices.
> It is very simple but what it the easiest way to do this? I have basic PHP
> but essentially I'm a designer. I don't want to roll my own PHP/MySQL app,
> if I can avoid it.

For such a thing, either one must know a CMS/app fairly well or make a
new one, because this functionality is fairly simple.

For me, for example, I would use Drupal and I could set this up fairly
easily using a custom 'node type' for cars, taxonomy for the make of
the car and then a simple View for the list of models and prices. Then
adding new nodes (meaning new car models/prices) is a built-in feature
of Drupal.

But for one with no experience in Drupal, it would probably be a good
bit of work, mostly just learning and understanding Drupal.


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