[thelist] upgrading PHP on OS X

John Corry jcorry at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 13:05:11 CDT 2008

I'm pulling my hair out.

OS X is a little new to me, I've always used Windows until recently.

I've followed the instructions at DIYMacServer for compiling/installing 
Apache, PHP, MySQL.

Voila, I have a development server.

So here I sit with a project that uses the soap functions and what do 
you know, that soap extension wasn't compiled into my PHP.

No problem, I'll just add --enable-soap to my ./configure options, 
recompile and install PHP and off I go, right?


./configure runs fine.

make runs fine.

make install runs fine.

restart Apache, reload phpinfo() page.

It's the same old build date and the same old ./configure options.

What do you have to do to get it to take?

John Corry

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