[thelist] open source Outlook/Exchange replacement

John Corry jcorry at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 16:46:35 CDT 2008

Google Cal and Gmail.

The integration with sunbird and firebird is really good, it's web  
accessible, mobile accessible...even syncs with the Mac apps (though  
Google is still ironing wrinkles out of that). IMAP too!

There are even APIs for doing all kind of neat tricks with the whole  
family of Google apps.

I love it.

J Corry
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On Aug 16, 2008, at 17:38, Raoul Snyman <raoul.snyman at saturnlaboratories.co.za 
 > wrote:

> Hi Joel,
> On Saturday 16 August 2008 20:56:50 Joel D Canfield wrote:
>> I'm seriously interested in dumping our MS dependency. My wife and I
>> operate three small businesses; we're the entire staff. We live and
>> breathe in Outlook and Exchange. We need email, shared scheduling and
>> contacts, and PDA syncronization without burning a lot of cycles on a
>> steep learning curve or time-consuming setup and config (since,  
>> y'know,
>> we already know the tools we use, and they're already purchased and
>> configured, literally years ago.) We need better spam filters without
>> spending a fortune.
>> what's the open source solution for a small office?
> My wife and I have a shared calendar and address book simply by  
> using the same
> file on my server here at home. Granted, this is not the best way,  
> but it
> works. We're also using Kontact (KDE's Personal Information  
> Manager), which
> should eventually be available on Windows, come KDE 4.1 (we use  
> Kubuntu Linux
> on our computers).
> You might want to look into a more formal system like Kolab though
> (http://www.kolab.org/).
> There are plenty other options, but most of them would involve some  
> server
> configuration...
> Hope this helps.
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