[thelist] Intranet cms recommendations

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Mon Aug 18 18:47:27 CDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm entering the investigative phase to enter the CMS minefield and select a CMS for an intranet redevelopment.

Our requirements are pretty simple:
* clean front end code
* clear separation of content & presentation in templating
* basic workflow (edit, authorise, publish)
* wysiwyg page editor
* well documented, extendable code base
* flexible site structure (doesn't tell us where things MUST go too much)
* open source preferred (LAMP stack but can install other technologies if the solution fits)
* vendor / company support if needed
* hosted in-house
* cheap (this thing isn't going to be saving the world, just running our intranet)

My list so far is generally open-source centric, so I'm wondering if I've missed any obvious ones, or if I can have some experiences from people who've installed / configured / used these (or others):
    * Drupal
    * Plone
    * Joomla
    * Silverstripe
    * MySource matrix
    * Expression Engine (a stretch I know..)
    * Interspire website publisher
    * Django
    * EZ Publish
    * modx

Thanks in advance for any help


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