[thelist] social media sites

Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 19:48:56 CDT 2008

Social media marketing depends on what you're trying to accomplish, what
kind of clients you have, what their needs are.

The only way to know any socnet is to join it, observe, participate, make
friends, and build a community of shared interests.

I will say this: the web is going multi, micro, mobile. So we need to get
good at creating multi media micro content for mobile computing. It doesn't
matter if you "like" Twitter, flickr, Last.fm, or MySpace. What matters is
where your clients, customers, users are or need to be.

I have beta tested over 100 different Web 2.0 social networks and online
tool communities.

If you tell me a client need, I might recommend a specific social media
application to try.

Steven Streight http://pluperfecter.blogspot.com

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