[thelist] Intranet cms recommendations

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Aug 19 02:45:59 CDT 2008

On 19 Aug 2008, at 00:47, Paul Bennett wrote:

> * clean front end code
> * clear separation of content & presentation in templating
> * basic workflow (edit, authorise, publish)
> * wysiwyg page editor
> * well documented, extendable code base
> * flexible site structure (doesn't tell us where things MUST go too  
> much)
> * open source preferred (LAMP stack but can install other  
> technologies if the solution fits)
> * vendor / company support if needed
> * hosted in-house
> * cheap (this thing isn't going to be saving the world, just running  
> our intranet)
> My list so far is generally open-source centric, so I'm wondering if  
> I've missed any obvious ones, or if I can have some experiences from  
> people who've installed / configured / used these (or others):

Of those I have experience in:

>    * Drupal

Will do all the above

>    * Plone

Will do all the above, but isn't LAMP. It very much has its own (OK,  
*Zope* has its own) way of doing things. Generally needs more  
horsepower to get the same amount done, but provides some really nifty  
APIs, *especially* if you need multi-lingual. Oh, and because it's not  
a simple RDBS backend, getting data in/out is a challenge.

>    * Joomla

Should do most of the above - not looked at it for a while. My  
recollection is that it had quite a strict URL schema which may not be  
flexible enough, but that's back when it was Mambo.

>    * Django

Isn't a CMS, but a strong application framework with lots of nice  
stuff for publishing. It's Python, rather than PHP. Much of the higher  
level stuff from above will need to be built. But Django's a good  
framework in which to do it.

I'd also note that pretty much all CMSs will bundle in the wysiwyg  
editor - something like FCKEdit - rather than writing it themselves.


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