[thelist] Drupal/Firefox Access issue

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Wed Aug 20 12:02:09 CDT 2008


Well if you go to the Drupal Forum there are dozens/100s of posts about this
issue - mainly firefox but also less so with IE. I can't work out if this is
a server issue or a browser issue - not sure where to go with this one. I
know Joomla works, but Drupal looks a better product ... apart from this


Simon MacDonald

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> OK - I solved this - you have to clear all the private data in FF - when
> do the login works. However this makes me uncomfortable about using
> if FF users are all going to have to do this to get access to Drupal.

I have never had to do this, on any Drupal site. Not sure exactly what
the issue was with yours.

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