[thelist] OT: Evolt is turning 10! (10volt)

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Aug 21 23:05:11 CDT 2008

Hey evolters,

Over on thechat it has come to our attention that evolt is about to turn 
a decade old on December 14, 2008.  Yes!!! it has been ten rock n' roll 
years since the first group of renegade geeks evolted from 
wired/hotwired/webmonkey monkeyjunkies list, to form their own utopian 
society, blah blah

Anyway, we should DO SOMETHING, or perhaps several things, to mark the 
occasion.  Community-building things.  Site-freshening things.  Party 
hats and beer-drinking things.

Some suggestions for activities:

1. mini-evolticons (aka beervolts) to take place WORLDWIDE.
*(see below for details)

2. help freshen up our content: submit an article to evolt.org

3. get yourself some rad evolt gear

4. donate to the cause

More ideas would be welcome, but off-topic here.
Come kick 'em around on thechat
Nothing happens unless YOU make it happen.


<tip type="audio streaming for dummies" author="erika">
Wimpy player is cheap, customizable, and does the trick


*How to arrange a commemorative beervolt:

a. locate your fellow regional evolt.org members and contact them for 
the purpose of meet, greet, and celebrate around the date of Dec 14. 
(Dec 14 is a Sunday, btw).
b. Meet up for beverages, networking, and good times.
c. Take photos! Post them online, and let us know on thechat and/or ping 
  our facebook group page (search facebook for evolt.org)

to help facilitate the beervolt process,
we have an evolt map -- so put yourself on it!

Portland, Oregon


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