[thelist] Backing up linux machine

sbeam sbeam at onsetcorps.net
Wed Aug 27 12:14:25 CDT 2008

On Wednesday 27 August 2008 02:06, Martin Burns wrote:
> > The server is running Centos 4. I can't find anything on there to
> > incrementally backup the machine - we're planning on using cronjob to
> > automate this so we have the automation bit planned out. Can anyone
> > recommend a program to do this, or commands or maybe a tutorial?  
> > Searching
> > google provides limited results - I assume I'm not searching the right
> > terms.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rsync
> Cheers
> Martin

In addition to rsync, rsnapshot will make very nice incremental backups. No 
tapes, no need to re-partition anything, no huge disk space requirements. And 
it's fast.


If your huge drive is NTFS, then just setup a Samba client so linux can mount 
your NTFS drive. Then run rsync or rsnapshot over to that. The only 
disadvantage is it will not preserve permissions or ownership of the files. 
For that, yes you would need a UNIX-ish filesystem on the backup drive.

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