[thelist] IE8 and Opera rendering of BUTTON

Rick den Haan rick.denhaan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 06:50:17 CDT 2008

Hello List,

I am wondering if this is a peculiarity of my machine, or whether this is
built-in behavior in the Opera (9.52) and IE8 (b2).

I am currently working on a site that uses <button>Text</button> and <input
type="button" value="Text" /> in an XHTML 1.0 Transitional doctype, and all
browsers (including IE6 and IE7) center the text both horizontally and
vertically on the buttons.  IE8b2 and Opera 9.52 appear to center the text
horizontally, but align it with the *top* of the button.

Could someone please verify this? I only have one machine at my disposal at
the moment. If this is a known problem/bug/feature/quirk, would anyone
happen to know how to get the text vertically centered, without setting
line-height (some of my <button>s have multi-line text)?

Kind regards,


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