[thelist] click to add a line r delete this line?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Aug 28 12:46:58 CDT 2008

Barry Woolgar wrote:
> Hello
> Sorry I'm not sure I'm understanding what it is you are asking. Sounds like
> you want someone to write you a inventory management script!
> As a start point you could use HTML form input arrays, where you use square
> brackets to build arrays of values when the form is submitted. For example,
> each row would have an input named "SKU[unique_row_id]". Then when the form
> is submitted (with PHP at least) you will be able to access the values from
> the $_POST array like this:
> $_POST['SKU']['prod1'] // first prod SKU
> $_POST['SKU']['prod2'] // second prod SKU
> $_POST['SKU'][prodX'] // and so on
> This way you can have a grid based form with loads of input fields and a
> relatively easy way to sort them all out when processing it.
> There could be some accessibility and usability issues here but hopefully
> it'll point you in the right direction.
> Barry
Thanks and no, I don't want someone to write it for me.  I'm not sure 
what you would call this function otherwise I would 'google' it, then 
gleem and perhaps borrow.  Yeah I know it will be done using arrays 
which I do, but not my finest skill.  If I could just squeak in some 
'bourne' shell scripting but neah that's not a good solution.  Any idea 
what this function might be called?  I probably should check my friend 
Mootools.  What you suggest with the unique_row_id is a clue to get me 
going.  At this point this is in proposal status.  PHP only for me.


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