[thelist] more menu woes (IE6 is ignoring me)

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Sep 1 21:59:26 CDT 2008

Joel D Canfield wrote:
> I thought I was making progress down a completely different path. This
> words as expected in FF and IE7:
> http://www.goldenstateoutdoorsman.com/gso/index3.asp
> IE6, the hover state works on the 'Forums' link, but the submenus don't
> show up. I've bashed my head against all kinds of position:static and
> z-index fixes and ain't gettin' nowhere.
> joel
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For IE <= 6 you may need to obtain the a csshover.htc file and implement 
it as:

html, body {

Get one from: www.dottedi.biz/codesamples/csshover.htc . It may break 
CSS validation but you can sort of hide it by moving it into a separate 
stylesheet.  I will add this note to the documentation in my CSS in the 
menu examples at www.dottedi.biz/codesamples/ .

Also to improve stability try:

div#hmenu ul.level2 {
top: 31px; ==>> try 30px might be less sensitive
left: -1px;

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