[thelist] Website promotion - basic steps

April Lyall april at farstrider.org
Thu Sep 4 21:44:38 CDT 2008

Whether or not CPC like Google Adwords will be effective for your 
clients depends very much on their industry/service.  I've seen some 
fantastic results for regional niche companies running very targeted 
campaigns.  If they're competing with thousands of other more 
web-established companies, though, it will just burn money.

If you do start using CPC, be sure to have good analytics on the site, 
such as Google Analytics, so you can accurately say when/where the money 
you spend is worth it.

Paul Bennett wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've a small site I've been charged with promoting. It's a simple site designed to get people to contact the organisation to make bookings.
> These are the things I've done so far:
> 1) descriptive title, h1 text
> 2) added to relevant directories
> 3) link exchanges with relevant sites
> 4) submitted to major search engines
> 5) encouraged clients to add / update content (not yet very successful)
> All went well at the beginning and they got a few contacts from their site, then things cooled off and the contacts dried up.
> At the moment they're getting < 100 uniques a month and I'd like to get them more value from their site. (They're nice people :) )
> Any ideas for mo' betta promotion? I'm considering a basic facebook app, but in the meantime am I missing anything obvious?
> Am I better recommending and managing an adwords campaign (or similar)?
> Thanks in advance for any advice
> Paul the promotion n00b.

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