[thelist] translating a website into Nepali

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Sep 10 06:55:22 CDT 2008

Nan Harbison noted:

>>1. You can get free Nepali fonts on the web:
>>2. You can copy and paste Nepali into a web page.
>>3. In order to integrate foreign scripts into your computer ...

Hi Nan,

<Big Caveat>
This is not the kind of stuff I generally work with.
</ Big Caveat>

Sorry, but I think the above may be taking you down a rabbit hole.  ;-)

IIRC, I thought the goal was to offer a few of your current pages ... but offer them in Nepali.  Setting the correct headers (UTF-8 is generally a good choice for character sets involving non Latin-1 symbols) and pasting in the content from your company's Nepali expert should do the trick and get you to something resembling the BBC pages Brent highlighted.  I would screenshot a test page constructed in that fashion and run it back by your local Nepali wizard to ask if that looked okay.

I believe the Nittany Lion's suggestions above might be part of the correct sequence for some mulilingual polyglot (or a native Nepalese buying a new computer in State College, PA) to use in order to modify their computer so that they can now construct spreadsheets, email, and word processing documents in their "native" Nepali.  I didn't think that was your plan.  I would also worry that modifying your computer in that way may impact your ability to properly test the new Nepali pages as-if you were a normal user.


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