[thelist] PHP database application framework

Mark MacInnes mark.macinnes at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 11:25:23 CDT 2008

I did find this site:

It has the barebones DB interaction code. I tried using it for a bit but
then found it missed a few things that I wanted/needed. But then I'm more
looking at the framework-route rather than barebones DB interaction.

It's worth a look at least!

Mark A. MacInnes

2008/9/10 John Corry <jcorry at gmail.com>

> Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.
> I'm checking out the links, looks helpful.
> Maybe framework was the wrong word. Perhaps I'm looking for an
> application 'skeleton'...a library of code that already does all of the
> required stuff for a DB app.
> Tell it what database to use, it looks at the tables and creates PHP
> classes for working with each one, forms/views for the users to
> browse...basically the barebones app that I can then modify to suit the
> specific application.
> Does that make any sense at all?
> Like, a PHP application generating machine.
> Anyone know of such a library?
> John

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