[thelist] Inexpensive computer to be used for web conferencingclass.

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Hello Andrew,

Dell is usually fairly cheap. Once over the parts were rather expensive to 
replce one reason they are maybe the cheapest that I know of. The parts may 
also be more affordable now.

PCWorld usually have a bargin or two and Laptops have come down a lot in 
recent months.


Your not ignorant, like me your not computer minded that is all. If there is 
anything you ned to know our  group will help or find it for you.
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Hello all,

I am soon to be teaching a web conferencing class using WiZiQ. The problem 
is that I do not own my own computer and I can't afford much. I need 
something from which I will be able to teach the class, that will not cause 
the audio or video to work at less than an optimal level and will be able to 
support the use of a web cam and microphone and speaker. I need a computer 
that will be capable of doing these things fast. I don't need it to be able 
to do much else. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have been told that 
inexpensive computers are made that may be able to work well with the 
internet if not able to do much else. Excuse my ignorance.



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