[thelist] CMS: opensource or hand-roll?

Zachary Kent zachary.kent at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 08:22:40 CDT 2008

> Generally, the good reasons for doing so are:
> 1) Learning
> 2) The fun of doing so
> 3) Vanity
> 4) The almost never-occurring situation whereby the requirements are
> entirely unique and can't be satisfied by an Off the Shelf CMS +
> modules. In which case, you're probably better off writing a module
> because the basic content/authentication stuff is handled by the core
> CMS.
> And in all the above cases, you're better starting with some kind of
> application framework anyway.

I hear ya.  I have thought of those things too.  I see that your site/blog
is running on Drupal.  What made you chose that CMS over the others?  That
is the one I am leaning toward trying first.  I have a few web projects
upcoming and I thought I might test a couple of different CMS that way.

>From a business perspective, it is more or less ethical (or at least
expected) to charge more for something that is hand-rolled vs. something
that is off the shelf (even if free) and customized.


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