[thelist] GoDaddy Virtual Server

Ron ronr at linuxdude.com
Mon Sep 15 15:39:37 CDT 2008

Norman Bunn wrote:
> I am considering a GoDaddy Virtual Server and would like to know if 
> anyone on this list has experience with them or has another recommended 
> host.
> Thanks,
> Norman
I don't know about the Virtual Servers but godaddy is the only
place I found with Dedicated Servers and decent drive size (160GB)
for under $100. We needed some off site backup space among other
things and the godaddy deal was less than half all the others. This
was with Linux, don't know about winderz servers.

So far it's been up 100% and no problems. All though, there would
have been a couple problems if I wasn't real familiar with Linux. So
it's like everything else, the buyer has got to be knowledgeable.

As with anything on the internet, or any kind of commerce for that
matter, there are plenty of gotchas no matter who you go with. I
can't think of a single company that doesn't make a game of ripping
people off these days.



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