[thelist] GoDaddy Virtual Server

Conyers, Dwayne dwayne.conyers at hp.com
Tue Sep 16 09:18:50 CDT 2008

Eduardo Kienetz wrote:

> > I think no matter who you ask, one company will suck to someone, and be
> > great to another.
> Indeed.
> > I personally left layered tech after 20 days because my box kept crashing.
> > the previous poster has had great luck with them.
> Well, that's why he needs to take quite a few comments into
> consideration before making a decision. One by itself won't help, in
> fact.

I heard a lot of bad press about GoDaddy myself... but when I needed CHEAP storage space for my podcasts, MP3s and other binaries... GoDaddy seemed a bargain.  So far... only one call to tech support (and that was for a minor issue early on) and things have been ship shape and Bristol fashion ever since.  But again, this is only for serving audiovideo media... for more complex needs your mileage may vary.

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