[thelist] translating a website into Nepali

Lisa B McLaughlin Lisa at allspunup.com
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What did you do in the end?  I have a website that needs translation into 
various languages.  I took a look at www.youtube.com to see how they handled 
it.  I think I'll do something along those lines with a link to a javascript 
box that lets you select which language (ie which 'site') you want to view. 
I'll have to organize the site into folders with replicated everything so I 
can keep up with the entire process.  The client is using a company called 
www.translate4me.com to do the translations.  We are waiting for the 
confidentiality agreement to come back before I speak wtih them.  We are 
using the UK branch as they are local for us.


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> Hi All,
> I am being asked to translate a site I have done into Nepalese, or Nepali,
> or whatever it's called. This will be a different character set, of 
> course,
> so can someone point me to a place to see what is involved with this?
> I have been able to copy and paste french and spanish letters with accents
> and/or use the ASCII code for them.
> Is it as simple as using the correct DTD and charset? Maybe I won't be 
> able
> to do this translation?
> Thanks
> Nan
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