[thelist] iPhone (browser) detection

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Sep 28 02:19:36 CDT 2008

Say I want to build an optimized site for iPhone. I figure there are 
three ways to do that:

1. don't bother w/ detecting iPhone and just KISS

2. detect iPhone with CSS and hook it up with an iPhone-optimized stylesheet

3. detect iPhone with JavaScript (or whatever script) and send it to an 
optimized HTML page

Does that seem correct?  And so would it further be correct that the 
primary reason to detect iPhone with a *SCRIPT* would be to send it to a 
different *HTML* page (hooked up to its own stylesheet), while the 
primary reason to detect with *CSS* would be to send the "regular HTML" 
page to a different *STYLESHEET*.

am I missing anything?


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